Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The feast of the Announciation

Is it your birthday?
One of the priests in the Anglican Cathedral of the Holy Nativity was surprised to see me this morning for Eucharist at 6.45 - I preside every Thursday and do not often attend other mornings. I told him that the reason for my presence was the feast of the Annunciation. In Church of Sweden it is always celebrated on the Sunday closest to 25 March but not so in most of the churches in South Africa. To me it is an important occasion. When I think of St Mary, I see her as a role model in saying yes to God and availing herself to give birth to Christ in the world. I also want to carry Christ into my context. And I thank God for other Christians who carry Christ to me.

That's why I decided to start this morning with a Eucharist. As the bread and wine become one with my body, I believe that Christ is with me.

Richard is a retired priest who leads the service every Wednesday. Naomi is recently ordained.
She was one of my students at UKZN. Sr Nontokosi is a religious sister, living at the Cathedral.

I like the architecture of the Cathedral. The idea is that the wall
stretches out into the street, like an arm, to invite everyone to worship.

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