Saturday, 28 March 2015

Rhodes - out

The decision seems to be clear. According to eNCA the senate at UCT voted in favour of removing the statue. 181 for and only 1 against! I understand that the senate wants it to be removed altogether.

If I understand it correctly the council must also make a decision and then it has to go to a body called Heritage Western Cape. So, we’ll see what happens.

Across South Africa people discuss this. Media personality Gareth Cliff wrote on his blog last week and compared Rhodes to king Shaka. This has sparked a twitter frency, according to IOLnews.

The protesters at UCT are also being compared with ISIS. This shows the feelings that these kinds of actions evoke. But a column in News24 gives prompt answers to this allegation.

We’ll see what will come out of this. I see tweets about removing other statues as well. Like Louis Botha outside the parliament.

Will this be prophetic? Were will it stop?

One thing is clear. The reconciliation process needs to be taken to another level. Nothing surprising in that. Reconciliation, just as democracy, is perishable. Every generation needs to renew it.

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