Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The tobacco industry hits back

The Scottsville Mall is quite close to us. There is a supermarket and we also have our postbox at the post office next to the mall. So I quite often pass this shop:
Keep smoking. Open the door to smoking pleasure.
One has to agree that the slogan is honest. This is what the owner of the shops wants to achieve. My analysis is, that the situation for the tobacco industry is becoming more difficult in the world as more and more research on the effect of smoking is being presented.

How about a sign outside the liquor store:
Keep drinking. Open the door to alcohol pleasure.
I am sure we would not accept it easily. But outside a café one could write:
Keep drinking [coffee]. Open the door to coffee pleasure.
Just some reflections on a Wednesday afternoon …..


Heidi said...

Maybe you think too much? Sit down with your cigarr and your drink and just enjoy....

Anders Göranzon said...

But I'm not smoking....

elisabet said...

I EU bråkas det om något lagförslag om att alla cigarettpaket ska vara i någon enhetlig färg förutom varningstexten och en minimal info om tillverkaren.

Det känns som att man missat någon pedagogisk vinkel på detta som otvivelaktigt är ett stort hälsoproblem världen över.

Anders Göranzon said...

Och förmodligen lär det väl så förbli. :-(