Thursday, 25 December 2014

Makgoba preaches against inequalities

The Anglican Archbishop in Southern Africa, Thabo Makgoba, used the oppurtunity given to him in the Midnight Mass at the St Georges Cathedral in Cape Town, to preach prophetically about the situation in today’s South Africa.

On his blog you can find media reports from SABC News and a YouTube clip. The Arch spoke about economic inequality among other things.

We too attended a Midnight Mass, in the Anglican Cathedral in Pietermaritzburg, where Dean Ndabezinhle Sibisi also spent time talking about the present situation. One thing that he urged us to fight against was the fact that so many women and children are being abused.

Emmanuel. God with us. Especially with the poor, as the dean said. But he also underscored, that there are different kinds of poverty. And the worst thing is when we are spiritually poor, without being aware.

In the beginning of the Midnight Liturgy the Crib of the Cathedral of the Holy Nativity was blessed.

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