Monday, 23 June 2014

Good news and bad news from Africa

The good news from South Africa is that the five month long mining strike ends. BDLive reports that workers will go back to work on Wednesday. But I have also understood that some of the platinum companies had a lot of platinum in stock, so maybe the strike, for them, came in handy.

It has however been bad for South African economy and the families of the mine workers have suffered. Amcu asked for ZAR 12 500 per month. Some of them might get this in three years time. It is difficult to understand if all the workers will get this much. ZAR 12 500 is not much if you take into account that the work is dangerous and they work long hours way from their families. It equals EUR 870. But at least its better than many other South African employees.

Another good announcement is that the Sudanese woman Meriam Ibrahim is released from death row. According to The Guardian it might be the result of international campaigns.

But on the other hand there are no good news from Nigeria about the 200+ schoolgrils, who according to News24, are still missing. Despite international campaigns.

Just like the three Al Jazeera journalists in Egypt, who were sentenced today to long sentences. This is sad news for media freedom. And it is sad news for Egypt. What happened to the arabic spring?

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