Tuesday, 3 June 2014


A South African word, which means food you take to eat on a journey. ‘Pad’ is ‘road’ and ‘kos’ is ‘food’.

Tonight we were invited to the launch of the second volume of the Padkos Digest. A book published by the Church Land Programme (CLP). Padkos is a mailing list where the CLP sends out e-mails a few times every month with some written texts. The publishing of all those texts becomes the Padkos Digest.

The launch took place at Pizzology. We have not been there before. I was a bit surprised to find that another lecturer at the UKZN is the owner together with her husband.

One of the owners, Heidi, is a philosophy lecturer at the UKZN.

We met some known and some unknown people. The whole idea with the evening was to celebrate “the good stuff”. Most of the people gathering were activists in one sense or another. The CPL is an organisation “working in solidarity with the landless poor!” This does not mean that you don’t need to relax and just have some nice food and enjoy the company with friends and colleagues.

My wife is talking with bishop Rubin of the Anglican diocese of Natal.

After having listened to the guest speaker, Dr Anna Selmeczi from Hungary who is teaching at the University of Fort Hare, we were served pizza slices and just enjoyed the company. I think we’ll go back. The pizza was nice.

The evening continued at a club called the Red Door, where a South African guitarist, Tony Cox, played music from his new album: Padkos.

So. It was a lot of ‘padkos’ in different forms this evening. We all need that on our common journey.

Pizzology created a poster during the election campaign making use of the
EFF logotype. I think it was quite funny!

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