Thursday, 8 May 2014

South African election, thumbies and GoogleDoodle

Seemingly the ANC is increasing slightly. Still, the party won’t get two thirds majority. And the DA will still be the runner up with the EFF as number three. Agang i guess didn't make it. As it looks right now a number of smaller parties, who are in the National Assembly today, will not remain there. Instead of 12 parties we are looking at 10. The most remarkable thing might be that the PAC (the liberation movement that organised the potest march in Sharpeville in 1960) won't make it. They have gone from 5 seats in 1994, via 3, 3, and 1 seat to possibly no seat at all. A bit sad, I think. If this result remains! Less than 50% of the votes are counted now.

I will not write more about this today as I am going to campus for lectures and some meetings. Tonight we have ‘graduation’ with the isiZulu class.

Let me just share two photos. The first is a thumb. It belongs to Chris Hendricks (I hope it is OK with you, Chris, that I publish it). 

Chris Hendrick's thumb!
You have heard about 'selfies' – photos that we take of ourselves and post on social media. The new word I learn is 'thumbie'. Reason being that every voter gets a little ink on the thumb. This is a way of showing:
I have cast my ballot.
The other phenomenon is a GoogleDoodle. This is obviously a big thing to get.

The US Embassy congratulated South Africa for getting
a GoogleDoodle yesterday. "The world is whatching ..."


elisabet said...

Varje dag lär en sig något nytt ;-)

Anders Göranzon said...

Så sant, syrsan!