Thursday, 8 May 2014

The ANC continues to govern

Just as we thought the ANC won the election although it didn’t get as large majority as it did five years ago. It will serve the democratic cause that the opposition grows. Even if the opposition includes a populistic party like the EFF.

One exciting part of the election was whether or not the DA would keep the Western Cape. It really did and it is now up to the party to show that they can deliver decent toilets and houses also to the poor.

The big looser is Cope. That is sad. I always liked Lekotha!

I will come back with some more comments when the elections results become more reliable.

Now I am on my way to lead the morning Eucharist in the Anglican Cathedral. It starts 06.45 so I’d better hurry.

Some voters queuing at the voting station in Scottsville.
(Photo: Kristina Göranzon)

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