Thursday, 29 May 2014

Sunday in Appelsbosch

On Sunday we visited the Lutheran Congregation in Appelsbosch. My wife, who is working more directly with church relations, had made contact with the local pastor, Rev. Radebe who we were expected.

When we came, a bit early, we saw the beautiful church and the old grave yard. Directly we found the grave of Jonas Fredrik Ljungqvist. He is one of our predecessors. He was a Swedish missionary, who founded the Appelsbosch mission station in the end of the 19th century.

Pastor Radebe and my wife is trying to read on the tomb stone of
Jonas Fredrik Ljungqvist, one of our predecessors.

The church is built in beautiful sandstone (I think). But the roof is not OK and all the gutters are pointing in different directions. I directly felt that something needs to be done.

But then, when I saw all the Sunday School children in action, I started to have second thoughts. After the Sunday School had finished, youth and adults came in their numbers and suddenly the church was filled to its capacity. With the singing the congregation also managed to fill the air space in the church. Wonderful!

Two Sunday School classes are taught at the same time in the church. 

Yes, I did not see many men – that was a disappointment. But lots of young persons. Two of them led the service from the altar.

It was for the first time I saw two teenagers leading the liturgy.

A church built by living stones. So much more important that a well maintained church building without people! Of course, it would have been even more wonderful –especially for the congregation in Appelsbosch – if the church roof could be fixed. But instead of doing that, the congregation is busy finishing a building on the premises, which will be rented out to an institute starting a nursing school in the region. Probably a more relevant investment than fixing the church.

This is one of the lecture rooms at the brand new nursing college.

So, I have to admit, that I have to check my priorities. The question is: how does Church of Sweden prioritize?

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Cathy Worthington said...

Thank you for your insightful comment. I found this entry because (Jonas) Frederik Lungquist is an ancestor of my husband's, and I was touched that not only is his grave still there, but - more importantly - so is the church. Thank you again. Cathy