Wednesday, 13 March 2013

A pope from the south

Congratulations to the Roman Catholic Church on the courage having elected a pope from the southern hemisphere. I just hope this is a break through.

En påve från syd

Grattis, romersk katolska kyrkan för modet att välja en påve från södra halvklotet. Det är bara hoppas och be att detta är ett trendbrott.


elisabet said...

I read that Franciskus enjoys listening to tango. I hope that this is a good sign and that he soon will start dancing. Maybe it takes two to tango and that he will find that he needs a women by his side?

Anders Göranzon said...

He will probably have multitudes of women surrounding him. It would be great if they could be part of the decisionmaking in the Roman Catholic Church. I just learned that laypeople were involved in the election of the pope before. The present system is old but only 1000 yeaRs. Before that it was different. So even the Roman Catholic Church has undergone changes.