Friday, 17 July 2015

Tanzania 1

We arrived in Tanzania late Wednesday evening. The name of the airport is Kilimanjaro, but of course we never saw the mountain.

Our colleague, Dag, met us at the airport and before we arrived at his house in Makumira, it was over midnight.

The first morning we just rested and walked on campus. It is indeed a very nice place. We saw Dag’s office, the library and the chapel (from outside) at Tumaini University Makumira.

The last evening we had a delicious dinner at Dag's place.
At noon we were invited to Mary and Msafiri Mbilo for lunch. I met Msafiri, who teaches New Testament, in Nairobi last year. He made very clear to me, that I had to come and visit him and Makumira. I am not exaggerating – his part in this visit to Tanzania is crucial. It goes without saying that the visit would have been tremendously different if Dag hadn’t been such an excellent host. His part is also vital.

I was together with both Dag and Msafiri at the bible workshop in Nairobi, so this was part of the journey we are in together.

The lunch was traditional Tanzanian food, where we had a stew with banana as well as Pillau rice. (?)

The last evening in Tanzania we also met Mary and Msafiri. They became part of a good start and a fitting end to this lovely week.

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