Monday, 10 March 2014

Anglican and Lutheran

Of course I am a Lutheran. But I also enjoy fellowship with the Anglican Church. In the pew leaflet of the Anglican Cathedral of the Holy Nativity one can read this:

Pontius Pilate and Jesus: About Power Relations.

Every Sunday we mention the name of the ancient politician Pontius Pilate. Why is he so important? In five Bible Studies we take a look at the relationship between Jesus and Pontius Pilate and together we draw conclusions for our own lives.

The Lenten Bible Studies will be led by the Revd. Dr. Anders Goranzon, (MDiv,PhD) on Wednesdays in the Colenso Hall starting at 17:30.

Please make every effort to attend. 
I look forward to this. I will lead the Bible Studies in the tradition of CBS = Contextual Bible Studies. Through engaging with the person Pontius Pilate we will understand more about ourselves and our own time.

This takes place on Wednesday evening. Thursday morning at 06h45 I lead the morning Eucharist and coming Sunday I preside and preach in the first service at 07h00 and in the second service at 08h30 I preach.

This week I spend a little bit more time in the Anglican Church then in the Lutheran. But Sunday the 23 I will be back in my own tradition and preach at the Lutheran Theological Institute - LTI.

After all there is only One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.

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