Monday, 11 June 2012

Sunday in NY

This day started with Holy Communion in St. Paul's Chapel. A special service. The liturgy was most probably the ordinary Episcopal liturgy. But it was still very different from what we have experienced so far. While we were celebrating Holy Communion tourists were walking around in the church. It was meant to be like that. In the program as well as according to what the priest said, this was the idea. Obviously very few people belong to this congregation. Most of the visitors come only one time or a few times. But those who belong to the congregation were very active and made every effort to include the rest of us as well as the tourist who were in the chapel just as visitors. I especially liked the prayers. People felt free to fill in their own prayers. As I have already written we danced to the altar and stood around the altar during the eucharistic prayer which was actually a sung prayer right trough. The sermon I did not enjoy, though. It was more like a speech. But altogether the atmosphere was welcoming. After enjoying Central Park and the Guggenheim museum I went back to Tribeca and spent one and a half hour with an orthodox priest I met in Kalmar 2007. His name is Leonid Kishkovsky and he is deeply involved in the World Council of Churches. He is serving on the Central Committee and it was very interesting to discuss the ecumenical situation with him. By the way, Tribeca, where we stay is an interesting name. It means: Triangle Below Canal. I have not seen the Canal yet, but we walked down Canal Street this evening and ended up in Little Italy where we had supper. Nice, Italian food. And now it is time for bed, after the second day in NY.

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