Saturday, 9 June 2012

First day in NY

We woke up this morning after a good nights sleep. We had made arrangements to meet Andreas, a friend from twenty years back. It was really nice to have a real American breakfast together with somebody like Andreas. Around 12 we stood outside the metro station Chambers street and Andreas said:
It is not likely that Matilda will come up right here.
I answered:
Hopefully she will.
And just then she came. Andreas had to leave and we went to the hotel, just next to the station. After just leaving her baggage on the room we left for lunch and sight seeing. We walked down to the southern tip of Manhattan and took a ferry to Staten Island and saw Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. From a distance. Back again to Manhattan and a nice walk back to the hotel. Right now we are preparing for dinner and later tonight Opera. At Metropolitan. Nice! The journey from Kalmar yesterday was interesting. We were in time to Copenhagen. From there the plane was late, due to bad weather in London. So we were re-booked on another BA flight to Newark. A few hours before arrival we moved into some real turbulence. I had a glass of juice, which flew up in the air and fell on the floor. One of the flight attendants fell on the floor. But it was just bad weather. Nothing serious happened. We arrived to Newark a fe hours after schedule and got our luggage directly, caught a taxi and got to the hotel after only half an hour. It is a nice hotel but the room was facing the street. Lots of noise. I am writing "was facing" because now we changed rooms and hopefully the next night will be without all the noise. It is really a privilege to be able to visit another country like this, meet other cultures and get so many new impressions. And to be on a leave for three weeks. And best of all: to meet ones youngest daughter. After such a long time. I like!

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