Sunday, 31 August 2014

Lesotho – back to order?

SABC3 – one of the state owned TV channels in South Africa – reported at 18h30 that leaders of the three coalition parties in Lesotho is meeting in Pretoria. President Zuma is mediating together with representatives from other SADC countries.

Earlier there were rumours that the commander in chief in Lesotho had been ousted. Obviously is it not true. Prime Minister, Thabane, who fled the country, says that things will go back to normal.

One major controversy, as far as I understand, is around him dissolving the parliament earlier this year. He was afraid that the parliament would carry through a vote to remove him.

There are plans to hold a big demonstration tomorrow. People demand that the Parliament reopens. The march didn't get permission last week. Whether or not they will get a go ahead tomorrow is also unclear.

I don’t find much information about this on the web. This is based on the SABC3. So I am writing under correction. I still hope that things will calm down. I pray that the politicians in Lesotho rather concentrate on finding ways to solve the problems of the poor.

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