Wednesday, 28 January 2015

I like Ian Smith

A very nice jazz experience in the Crypt.
We wanted to listen to jazz. But at Waterfront in Cape Town some of the jazz clubs, like the Green Dolphin, have closed. Friends told us that there is a place under St. George’s Cathedral – the Crypt – where good jazz is performed. So, we went there earlier in the afternoon and found out that this in deed was the case. And the group that were going to perform, later yesterday evening, was:
VJR (Virtual Jazz Reality)
The leader is Ian Smith and he plays trumpet and cornet. Franc Paco is the drummer, Andrew Ford plays piano and Sammy Weber is the name of the bassist. The group was formed in 1993 and I must say they played well. Their repertoire is broad. We listened to fusion as well as traditional jazz. And much in between.

The Crypt Jazz Restaurant also serves food. We ordered fish and seafood – always a good choice in Cape Town.

In one of two pauses the owner of the restaurant asked if anyone celebrated her/his birthday. A few guests did. He then asked one of the waiters to sing for them and it turned out that this young waiter was an opera student. He topped it up with two opera arias. Very good.

Friday morning we will go back to the cathedral. But it will be early in the morning and then we will take part in the Eucharist.

We enjoy being in the Mother City!

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