Thursday, 7 November 2013

A different day in Busan

I felt something coming already yesterday. Some head ache, possibly fever but nothing more. So, I tried to find a pharmacy, to get some pain killers. In order to do so, I went to the WCC infirmary. I explained to the doctor that I just needed some advice. What kind of brand would be similar to the empty packet of paracetamol and ibuprofen I showed him? And where would I find a pharmacy? Well, he asked me to sit down outside and after a few minutes a nurse came out with two small plastic bags with tablets. She informed me to take one tablet from each bag together with breakfast and dinner. I was very grateful. So service minded!

So I never went to the pharmacy. I went home to the hotel and took as prescribed two tablets with some food. But the night I experienced was something special. Of course I know that fever can make you a bit dizzy but this was something else. I felt as if I and my body were two different entities! The feeling was not nice at all. I am not going to continue with this medication.

This means that today has been a different day at the WCC Assembly, because I have spent the whole day in my hotel room. I just went out a short while to get some food. And good colleagues from Sweden have given me from their own supplies of ordinary, Swedish paracetamol. I look forward to a good night’s rest and tomorrow my plan (and my prayer) is that I can take part in the last day of the Assembly.


Heidi said...

Unbelievable ... all the things that happens to you. Please be careful and embrace our "get-well" wishes and hold on to them.

In German: Der eine Reise tut kann immer was erzählen!
This is nothing we like to hear about though. Big hugs to you and good recovery!

Anders Göranzon said...

Heidi, my friend. I feel better today and will definitely be recovered when we meet. With Gods help! :-)