Saturday, 15 September 2018

No Nazis on our streets

There is an organisation/political party in Sweden called Nordic Resistance Movement. It’s a tiny, pathetic bunch of so called patriots. In fact they are a Nzi moivement. They did not get many votes in the recent election. They did not make it into any local council let alone to the parliament. Some say: let’s just neglect them. I dont' think it’s that easy. They are militant and they create fear.

Today I saw on Facebook that they were active in the city centre. Someone wrote about it and made a comment about the LGBTI festival that is held in Uppsala this weekend. I realised that people in that community would experience the presence of Nazis in a very specific way. I checked on the website of the Pride festival, named:
Welcome Out
This was the text I found:
WARNING: Nazi demonstrators spotted in the city, the corner outside of S:t Per's Gallerian. 
Stay safe, avoid the area if you are feeling unsure. Don’t take photos, don’t get photographed. There will be a group leaving SENSUS (main event area) before the party tonight if you want to travel in a group. You can also contact the main lobby there if you want to go with another person to an event. 
This is the square they are standing in:
It is obvious that even a small group of organised Nazis are a security risk to some. Therefore I decided to finish my cup of coffee and move to the place where the demonstration was held.

A number of polices in front of us. The Nazis have just left.
I found a counterdemonstration about fifty meters away from the few Nazis. In between were a number of polices with a dog. I joined the counterdemonstration in chanting:
No Nazis on our streets
After some time the NMR-group folded their banners and left.

Together with many other citizens of Sweden I look forward to the day when organised Nazism will be forbidden. The ideology is totally non democratic and resulted in the death of millions of Jews together with large numbers from the LGBTI community as well as Romani people and others. We don’t need this again. Never.

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