Sunday, 15 May 2016

Guest blogger: Matilda Göranzon

Hi, my name is Matilda and I’m a vegetarian…

This photo is taken in the city centre of Uppsala. Amazing!
Photographer; Matilda Göranzon
No, that’s not it. That’s not how I introduce myself. But lately I’ve been thinking that maybe I should. To give people something to think about. Make a statement you know.

Today while taking a walk in the city center of Uppsala I came across a flock of sheep. In the middle of Uppsala. More specific, they were grazing the hill of the castle. I must say I was a little confused. But it quickly came to my mind how amazing it was. Seeing this. I managed to talk to a man standing by the side of the road with two boarder collies. They were there to watch the flock of sheep for a while. He told me that it had cost too much to trim the grass and bushes last year. Human labor was not effective enough. So this year they brought in specialists – sheep. With little lambs and all.

This makes ME think. It makes me think about how wonderful our ecosystem is. No need for fancy hand made tools, no, the animals can do the job. Happily! And the moment we disturb the ecosystem or the natural food chain, we mess things up and the results can be devastating. Why can’t we live more in sync with our ecosystem, with the animals? Let them deal with the hunting, because their tactics are (according to me) purer. Let the animals help us create a greener world. Both literally and figuratively speaking.

I’m becoming a vegetarian more and more because I don’t want them to die. I believe every living creature in this world has the right to live. Because when we are faced with the option of life or death – the majority of us choose LIFE.

My name is Matilda and I’m a vegetarian. 

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