Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Nkandla, again

The South African President, Jacob Zuma, was given two weeks to respond to Parliament, by Public Protector, Thuli Madonsel, when she released her report last month. Today, Wedneday 2 April, was the final day. The response, according to IOL News, was this:
President Jacob Zuma will respond later ….
Apparently he will wait until he receives a report from the Special Investigating Unit. I don’t have any information about how long time that will take. On E-News they said it might take long time.

The General election will take place 7 May.

Today the ANC took the DA to court. Reason being: the DA has sent out thousands of SMS:s in Gauteng. BDLive publishes the wording of the SMS:
The Nkandla report shows how Zuma stole your money to build his R246m home. Vote DA on 7 May to beat corruption. Together for change.
That SMS does not impress me. It gives an impression that the report of the Public Protector is part of the election campaign. I don’t think it is. Or at least should not be.

But at the same time I do believe that the President made the wrong decision not to respond to parliament. After all: the money spent at Nkandla belongs to the people of South Africa.

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