Thursday, 30 July 2020

Madejas contra la violencia sexista and Thursdays in Black

In front of the scarf.
Earlier today we visited Kalmar konstmuseum (artmuseum). Two friends told us about the skeins in the entrance. This is part of a fantastic project. The website of the museum explains:

Since 2014 the Basque organisation Harituz has worked with the project Madejas contra la violencia sexista – Skeins against gender-related violence. Its artistic symbol – a giant and constantly growing scarf – travels around the world with the aim of one day covering the EU parliament in Brussels. Today the whole scarf is almost 5 km long.

Activism through craft is called craftivism.

As I try to dress in black every Thursday to protest against rape and violence it felt good to have a photo taken in front of a part of this beautiful scarf. Since last year I am an ambassador of the World Council of Churches campaign

Thursdays in Black

But it is possible to take part in more than one campaign. I am also a member of 

Me too Sweden

Anyone who wants to take part in this activity may knit a piece – not shorter than 30 cm – and send it to:

Kalmar konstmuseum


293 33 Kalmar

Mark the envelope: ”Knit activism”. I feel tempted to do exactly that.

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