Sunday, 11 November 2012

Basic Security in Field II

At the moment my wife and I are busy taking part in an online United Nations Course called "Basic Security in Field II". It is an interactive course which takes approximately five hours to complete. We work on different computers and we do not communicate more than necessary. Right now I have spent three hours and have completed four modules. There are another three to go. Most probably I will continue tomorrow. The instruction given in the beginning is precisely this: Don’t complete the entire course the same day.

Many different areas covered. Some of them we will not need i. e. how to travel in a convoy or how to act in an area with land mines. But other parts deal with cultural differences and how those might be strengths as long as you are aware of your own culture and also accept the specific culture you find yourself in.

Having spent most of Friday and Saturday packing and sorting things in our house this course means a welcome change of perspective. I am becoming increasingly aware of the fact that we are moving to South Africa in less than two months’ time.

But right now we are about to have supper. The wife just completed module three and scored 100%. Congratulations!

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