Thursday, 17 July 2014

Mandela day - 67 minutes

Mandela Day has it's own website.
Tomorrow is the 18 of July. Mandela's birthday. The President of the Republic, Jacob Zuma, encouraged the nation in his State of the Nation Address, to at least give 67 minutes of this day to some clean up work. I wrote about this in a blog post. At that time I did not know that it is part of a broader campaign. The Mandela Day campaign message is:
Mr Mandela has spent 67 years making the world a better place. We're asking you for 67 minutes.
Julius Malema, in his response to the State of the Nation Address, said he would not take part in the activity. I was not surprised.

Personally I believe every single person should use any available time time to make the world a better place. I am aware that we fail to do this. That's why Jesus died. That's why forgiveness is available. But we need to try. Not only 67 minutes but all the time. I think Mandela would agree.

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